Importing into AgentOffice from Top Producer


AgentOffice Import Procedure - Exporting from Top Producer

Importing contact data from Top Producer 8i

Importing contact data from TOP PRODUCER to AgentOffice is a two-step process - first you will export the data file from TOP PRODUCER, then you will import that data into AgentOffice.

Warning: If you are using the AccuSync feature of AgentOffice - you cannot import data into the Master database if there are database copies currently checked out.

Step One: Creating an Export Data File from TOP PRODUCER

1. From the TOP PRODUCER main menu, select Setup; Data Transfer/ Conversion; Export Data; the Search Contacts for ASCII Export screen appears.

2. The Select Fields to Export screen appears. Select the fields that you want to export. Press the Start Export button.

3. The Save Exported Data As screen appears. You are prompted for a file name and location. Select a folder and enter a file name with a .CSV extension.

4. You will be notified when the exporting process has finished.

5. Once you have created this file from your Top Producer program, you will have to open up this file using a spreadsheet program, like Microsoft Excel. There are two columns that will need to be removed from this file: Contact ID and Address ID. These are columns that Top Producer adds into the database and they must be removed before importing from Top Producer.

Step 2: Importing the Contact Data into Agent

1. From the Start; Programs menu, select the Agent software program group, then select the Import icon. The Import Contact Data screen appears.

2. The system asks if you have a current backup of your AgentOffice data. If you do, press the Yes button and continue. If you do not, press the No button to cancel the import process, make backup copies of your data and then return to these instructions.

3. Press the Comma Delimited (ASCII) button. The Import screen appears. Tip: You may want to set default values to be used if an imported field does not exist, or to place identifiers for the source, or grouping information, in the User-Defined fields. To set default values, press the Set Defaults button. Keep in mind that setting defaults will not override EXISTING data. For example, if you set the area code default to "777" phone numbers in the database with existing area codes will not suddenly be changed to "777" area codes. However, those phone numbers without area codes, will be given the "777" area code. Make your selections and press the OK button.

4. Press the Select File button to select the file that was just created. You will have to map the fields to match up the fields from Top Producer to match the fields in AgentOffice.

5. Once all fields have been properly mapped. Press the Import button and the import process begins. The system notifies you as each contact is added.

6. When the process is complete, you are returned to the Comma Delimited Import screen. Press the Close button.

Note: Do not run the import again! If you do, a duplicate set of records will be added to your database!

7. Press the Exit button to exit the import process.