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Real Estate Technical Support for AgentOffice

Your AgentOffice software or upgrade purchase comes with 30-days free support from the manufacturer.  During your 30-day free support period,   Call 888-661-6600 Official Manufacturer’s Support Line. Select SUPPORT then SELECT ONBOARDING FOR YOUR 30-DAYS FREE SUPPORT.    If you leave a message include your Name, Serial Number, Phone Number, and email.   Be sure to mention in the message that you are within your 30-day free support period.


RealtyStar strives to build Client Relationships in much the same way you do, by providing service
and making every effort to assist you in achieving your technology needs. 

Toll-Free in North America
Professional and friendly support.
e-mail and telephone access to knowledgeable technicians
Affordable alternatives to your technical support requirements.
LiveChat option available on our website at

The support renewal option listed below is INDEPENDENT of RealtyStar.   
RealtyStar is not paid for referrals.  Information is provided as a courtesy to clients.  

AgentOffice Real Estate Contact Management SoftwareEmphasys Annual Technical Support Renewals - AgentOffice

One Year of toll-free assistance from your software manufacturer.
 Renewal of manufacturer's support provides you continued knowledge base access.  
 You are given a PIN # to enter toll free support for paid subscribers.  
 For technical questions and "level 2 assistance", call the manufacturer
 at (888) 661-6600 between 9:00 am EST and 6:00 pm EST.