Proquest 800# Hotline Real Estate Lead System

Proquest 800 hotline real estate lead generator
Selling Them on YOU!

ProQuest Technologies Lead Generation System that will get more qualified prospects for your real estate business and help you make GREAT first impressions.

"How To Generate Up To 27 Calls Per Day From Qualified Buyers And Sellers With No Prospecting, No "Selling" and Absolutely No Pressure Or Rejection..."

How do I get started?

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What is a Response Hotline?
It’s a recorded information / fax-on-demand system that enables you to provide information to interested new prospects 24 hours a day.

What is the biggest benefit of a Response Hotline?
It generates hundreds of homebuyer and seller leads…500%-700% more than traditional advertising.

Why do so many prospects call?
Offering recorded information removes prospects’ sales resistance. The Direct Marketing Association did a Gallop Poll and found that 83% of the American public would prefer to call for recorded information before talking to a salesperson. That means four out of five people in your market would prefer recorded information.

Does this use Caller ID?
Yes and no. It’s actually a very sophisticated digital caller ID network called Automatic Number Identification or ANI. ANI cannot be blocked like caller ID. Our system captures and records every phone number including unlisted numbers and even callers who press *67 attempting to block the call.

How does this compare to Caller ID?
Caller ID nationwide only captures about 50% of the available phone numbers, while ANI captures 100%. Caller ID does not capture unlisted phones, secondary business lines, or if callers press *67 the number is blocked. Also, according to industry trends it appears that within the next eighteen months Caller ID may get as low as 30% capture because of the growing number of unlisted phone numbers.

Do I need a dedicated phone line or a dedicated fax machine?
No. Our system stores all the recordings and fax information. When your prospects call, our system automatically delivers the information for you 24 hours a day.

Who does my recordings and how do I get the fax information into your system?
You do. You set up your recordings from any touch-tone telephone and you set up your fax-on-demand information by faxing your material directly into our system from any fax machine. You’ll receive simple step-by-step instructions.

Can your system handle more than one call at a time?
Yes! A major disadvantage of trying to do this on a computer or with a box unit is your prospect getting busy signals. Our response hotlines can handle thousands upon thousands of calls. Busy signals are never a problem!

How do I actually use this in my marketing?
In your advertising you direct prospects to call for "FREE RECORDED INFORMATION 24 HOURS A DAY." For example: rather than your ad saying, "call me if you’re thinking about buying or selling" your ad would say "call for free recorded information and a free educational report, ‘Seven Simple Fix Up Tips To Sell Your Home For The Highest Possible Price’". The appeal is less threatening, prospects respond much more favorably, and it works! We have dozens of detailed examples for you in your start-up package.

What’s the fastest way to see results?
Advertise your listings (if you’re low on inventory, borrow inventory) and offer recorded information. Recorded property descriptions posted to Craig’s List and advertised on sign riders, flyers, homes magazines and newspapers have been very productive call generating strategies. Prospects see the ad offering "FREE RECORDED INFORMATION - 24 HOURS A DAY" and they respond and again, when they do, you have your lead!

How good are the leads?
As a company each year we have 30-50,000 prospects surveyed in markets of all sizes and demographic make ups, in 48 different states. Last year, the percentages broke down as follows: 33.8% bought or listed a property within 30-60 days after calling for recorded information, 38.3% had a defined set of buying criteria (they knew what they were looking for) and 27.9% had no interest and were just curious.

How do I get my leads?
First and fastest is by email or by text messaging to your cell phone. We can notify you within 20 seconds of the call with your prospect's name, phone number, the property or information they requested, and the advertising source that caused them to respond to you. (This way you have an easy point of reference when you call back.)

Another way you can get your leads is via the web. You can generate a list of your leads "on demand" anytime 24 hours a day. Within 20-30 seconds of your request, you can have a report with all the details of each and every call. You simply pull up our private "client only" web site and within seconds it generates your report online...automatically.

What do people think when you call back?
Prospects are very receptive. Many agents anticipate that prospects will somehow be offended that you’ve got their phone number and called back. In reality the prospect wants help because 70% of the time they are part of the "active market." Plus we have numerous scripts and examples of how to open up a dialog with prospects. That part of the process is very simple and is covered in detail in the package you will receive.

So what’s the cost to getting started with your Response Hotline?
There’s a one-time US$99 activation fee plus your first month US$49.00 ....So your initial US$148 includes your system set up,  marketing materials, and first full month of service.

Also, with this special offer you get our exclusive "New Rules" Real Estate Marketing Course™ along with extra free bonuses. The total package has over 200 pages of marketing materials explaining how to strategically apply the service. We give you strategies for targeting FSBOs, Expired, Move Up Buyers, First Time Home Buyers, and Renters. You get the complete strategies (with example ads, scripts, follow up pieces, postcards, email templates…everything!) for targeting just about any type of prospect you can think of.   All prices are in US$.

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Is there an ongoing cost to the service?
Yes. There is a monthly flat rate fee of US$49.95. There are no per minute fees and no contracts.

Do you provide strategies and examples for using my Response Hotline?
Yes! The "New Rules" Real Estate Marketing Course™ you receive when you activate service is very in-depth. It contains over 200 pages of printed material with examples for homes magazines, newspaper, direct mail, postcards, farming newsletter inserts, business cards, follow up letters, recording example scripts, "free educational reports," follow up scripts…just about everything you could possibly think of is in this package! Plus, as you begin implementing, if you have questions you can call one of our marketing support representatives and they can walk you through the process.

Do you guarantee results?
Yes! We give you a six month performance guarantee. You have six full months to try out any or all of the strategies we provide you with in our "New Rules" Real Estate Marketing Course™. If after trying the service you don’t feel it’s giving you an extremely profitable return on your investment, we will cancel your service and refund your entire activation fee. No questions asked.

So once again, How do I get started?

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