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Love your AgentOffice v.10, but prefer to switch from Desktop to running web-based?   We have the solution!

eAGENTserveris an Internet Server (e-server) solution which was first introduced by RealtyStar in 1997 to service a select group of large offices and sales teams

RunApps is a third-party server solution.   Our server bank is located in Trevose, PA and we are the Manufacturer recommended Host for AgentOffice v.10 Real Estate Software. 

By 1999 Individual Realtors became interested in discovering what the true benefits are, of running their Agent software online and began taking their v.5 software up onto our servers.   We no longer host versions prior to v.10.  

Designed to run Emphasys Software ONLINE
(previously Fidelity National Real Estate Software (FNIS / FNRES)

This is not a different "version" of AgentOffice. 
In order to run online, you must purchase, or already own AgentOffice, Agent 2000 or Online Agent - and you must be currently running Version 10, or be willing to upgrade.  You can upgrade to latest version by clicking here.


Any RealtyStar client will tell you, we never try to sell you more than you really need. 
The truth is that online hosting isn't for everyone.  Not all Real Estate Agents want or need the added expense involved in running on the web. 

If you do want the convenience of running on the internet to be part of your solution, you have come to the right place.

Hosting Solution for Agent Productivity and Office Management Software.

Authorized Manufacturer's representative and  recommended source for hosting AgentOffice online. 
Knowledgeable, Qualified, (selling since 1994) AgentOffice tech support and user assistance.
Originator of "hosted solution"  (since 1997) for AgentOffice Software                                                          
Internet Server (eserver) solution for running AgentOffice v.10 online:


Remote Access - From any internet connection.  On the road, holiday, in the office or at home.  Click and you're live.
Sharing  - The biggest advantage in running on the internet, is the elimination of the need for synchronization.  All users are working live on the latest database.
Speed - Our clients are delighted with our speed.  High end servers, the latest in Windows Servers and Citrix XP technology combined with knowledgeable server and software support personnel.
Cost - You won't find a less expensive solution.  Backed by our knowledgeable support staff, your software is running in optimum conditions, without you having to invest in-house on server hardware and software.
Support -Product support included.
Date Backups- -Backup of data included
Commitment - 30 days notice in writing to terminate service.  Your account must be in good standing (paid in full) and we facilitate the transfer of your complete database from our servers back to your desktop. 

Does it enhance productivity?

No!  If you are not using your software effectively now while it is on your desktop, you won't automatically use it more by running it on the internet.  There are a few good reasons to switch over to running AgentOffice on the web.  They are:
  • No data synchronization required.

  • 24/7 access without concern about outstanding user syncs.

  • Greater Mobility

  • No export restrictions that compromise your ability to change back from internet operation at your convenience.  This software always belongs to you and you have complete control over your data and can back up to your desktop anytime.

REALTORS® who are interested in taking their database to the Web for better connectivity and mobility can be assured that:-

  • Your database is secure, accessible only by your and your authorized users.

  • Your software is available to you, in its entirety, anytime you decide you want to quit internet hosting.

  • You can back up your database onto your own hard drive. 

  • Your host is knowledgeable in the support of your software. 

The Process:
1    Own already, or be prepared to purchase AgentOffice v.10
2.   Pay One-Time Set Up Fee
3.   Follow the directions you will receive via email once your set up fee has been paid.  This will included setting up the number of users you want to have log in capabilities.
4.   System automatically alerts Server Technicians that a new client is ready to have database uploaded to server banks.
5.   RunApps Server Support Technician will contact you to arrange to upload your data.
6.   You are now "running online" and no longer enter data or make changes to your "desktop" version.   
7.   Each authorized user can log in from anywhere to work, providing you have internet connection.  You can self-manage your account, adding, changing or deleting users as needed.  

Pricing - US$

Software One-Time Setup $250.00   *
Sign up using this link.  
Per User(s) Setup $ No Charge
PER User Monthly Fee $  35.00 up to 10 users
  $  32.50 from 11-20 users
  $  30.00 from 21 users +
24/7 Monitoring included
Daily Backups included
Disk Space as required
Server Support included
Add Assistants to your software $145.00/each
or 3 for $340.00

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