Real Estate Software Comparisons

To help you define your needs and compare available Real Estate Software packages.  

IXACT CONTACT is ideal or Individual REALTORS and teams of 2-3 people.  

  • Web based
  • Monthly fee of $34.95 + $4.95 per month for phone sync.   
  • One address book and calendar is shared by up to 3 users comfortably.       
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and iPad and  with all phones including Windows Mobile and Droids with ease.    
  • Real Time data sharing with phones using Outlook or Google included exchange server.

Team Version is expected to release by March, 2012 and will allow functionality for larger teams.   

AGENTOFFICE v.10 is a solid, robust real estate package that comes Networkable out of the box for registered user and 2 assistants.   You can purchase as many additional assistant licenses as you require.    Very cost effective solution for large teams.  

  • Desktop software
  • One-time outright purchase.   $395.00 or $440.00 (with CD) for new product.   Upgrades available to existing AgentOffice owners for $245.00 or $290.00 (with CD)
  • It is a robust package that handles Real Estate contact management for any Realtor is who is more interested in a good solid "back to basics" approach.   It does not have cloud technology and it won't take you instantly to facebook, but it will provide you with solid activity planning and client follow up, the ability to do CMA's and feature sheets and flyers and give you sales and closings reports with one click of your mouse.  
  • MAC Compatible if running MAC Parallels (Windows side)

AGENTOFFICE Personal Edition - is a light version of the original v.10 product, it is desktop and employs cloud technology for sync.   Monthly fee for 3 users running off one database is $30.00.  Desktop software, not running online but costs are by monthly fee.  

RealtyJuggler - the most cost effective solution for a Realtor that is looking for very basic contact features and is budget focused.   $99.00 per year for simple contact management.