ProSERIES Power Plans for AgentOffice

ProSERIES Power Plans for AgentOfficeGetting off to a good start!  

ProSERIES Power Plans integrate right into your AgentOffice v.10 software.       

Beyond a doubt, the MOST IMPORTANT module in your AgentOffice software, is the Activity Plans. 

ProSERIES Power Plans

Purchase to add to your existing AgentOffice software (v.8.5 or better) or save $79.00 when added to your AgentOffice v.10 purchase or AgentOffice v.10 Upgrade.  


Since you are busy every day, with showings and listings and following up on leads, we have prepared a professional and proven set of Activity Plans, which will do two things:

1.   Get your AgentOffice software working for you immediately!  From the moment you import the ProSERIES Agent Activity Plan Set from RealtyStar, you can begin following up with Past Clients, prospecting for FSBO's, Managing your Listings, Cultivating your Sphere of Influence and more. 
2.   Set up examples of well structured plans within your AgentOffice software, so you can quickly grasp the concepts, and practice designing your own unique plan sets. 
Over the past 14 years, Mike Meehan has trained thousands of Realtors in the effective use of AgentOffice.  His philosophy has always been to get clients started with the simplest tasks that will make them the most money.  Those always have been:-
  • Regular and Consistent Past Client Follow Up
  • Regular and Consistent contact with your Sphere of Influence
  • Consistent Leads Follow Up
  • Excellent Listing Service
In training classes in many countries these have been what REALTORS wanted to accomplish first.
The RealtyStar ProSERIES Follow Up Plan collection is a set of Activity Plans that have helped many REALTORS improve their income by simply "Keeping In Touch" in a simple but effective manner.  The collection even includes a manual that guides you from Installation to effective ways to use the Plans.
Ask yourself these questions:
  • If I was in regular and consistent contact with my Sphere of Influence, would I get more referrals?
  • If I was in regular and consistent contact with my Past Clients, would I get more Listings and Referrals?
  • If I NEVER forgot a Lead, would I increase my business?
  • If I maintained more effective contact with my Listing Clients, would it save me time and increase by business?  Could I use my Listing Service Plan as a way to close more Listing Contracts?
  • If I had a simple and effective FSBO Plan, would I get more listings?
If your answer to any of those questions is YES, then you need this Follow Up Plan collection.
The Pro-Series Follow Up Plan collection includes:
  • Sphere of Influence Follow Up Plan - 5 Years
  • Past Client Follow Up Plan (with Handwritten Anniversary Notes) - 10 Years
  • Past Client Follow Up Plan (with Anniversary Form Letters) - 10 Years
  • Past Client Follow Up Plan (Handwritten Notes) - 10 Years. This Plan is designed to help you convert your non-client buyers to deal with you.
  • Past Client Follow Up Plan (Form Letters) - 10 Years.  This Plan is designed to help you convert your non-client buyers to deal with you.
  • FSBO Plan - 8 Form Letters
  • Lead Qualification Plan
  • Hot Buyer Lead Plan
  • Warm Buyer Lead Plan
  • Cool Buyer Lead Plan
  • Hot Seller Lead Plan
  • Warm Seller Lead Plan
  • Cool Seller Lead Plan
  • 6-Month Listing Plan
  • PDF Manual


It's important to remember that, when it comes to Activity Plans, LESS IS MORE!  As you assign your plans according to Client, the tasks will automatically set up in your Scheduler.  Turn on your computer and your to-do list is ready to walk you through what needs to be done each day, or rescheduled.   Your aim is to have well written plans, that do not "overdo" it, do not bog down your schedule with QUANTITY but instead focus on QUALITY of contact.  Keep this in mind when you are buying or designing your own plans and you won't go wrong.

If you are interested in letter-writing plans only, may we recommend our Dave Beson LetterWriters.

ProSERIES Plans take you to the next level in follow up and personal contact.

To purchase ProSERIES Activity Plans for AgentOffice, click here or simply add this option to your order for AgentOffice v.10 new product or upgrade, and SAVE with the bundled $79.00 discount.

NOTE: Integrates directly with AgentOffice v8.5 and higher only.