AgentOffice Screenshots

Screenshots of Emphasys Agent Productivity Software - ALL PRODUCT I.D.s
 A robust and multi-faceted software product that is designed to run your Real Estate business. 
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AgentOffice Real Estate Contact Management Software Desktop
Easy to view, all-in-one desktop provides an electronic version of everything you normally have on your desk.  Your contact list, appointment book, to-do's and note pad are all available at the click of a mouse.
AgentOffice Real Estate Contact Management Software
Contact Manager
Searchable files for each client, including detailed family information, phone numbers, e-mail, website information and co-contact information.  Categories and user defined fields for each client ensure you can easily set up groups for mail merge.  Everything you need to know about your leads, active and past clients at your fingertips.
AgentOffice Real Estate Contact Management Software
Listing Manager                                           
Keeps track of property details and notes for all your listings.  Easy to do everything, from presenting potential buyers with a preview of any property and its features to scheduling showings, open houses, agent tours and tracking feedback.

AgentOffice Real Estate Contact Management Software
Presentation Designer
Create property-specific promotional materials and schedule showing and open houses, track each listings activity and prepare feedback reports for your Sellers.  Separate pre-done presentations can be added to the existing template collection that comes with your software.

AgentOffice Real Estate Contact Management Software
Activity Planner
Easily the most important module in your software.  You have everything you need at your fingertips, but without a plan, you can't be sure you will follow up CONSISTENTLY!  It's easy to manage client follow-up, listings and sales by using this powerful communication tool.  Set up a Past Client plan and never worry again that you've missed calling someone.  New Listing Plan - each step automatically appears on your calendar or to-do list.  New Lead Plan - never miss following up on another lead.  The day's business is there, reminding you to make the call or print the letter. Activity plans can also be launched with e-mail as your contact method. Write your own plans, choose from the plans and letters included or purchase the Dave Beson LetterWriters which import into your software to get you set up quickly!
AgentOffice Real Estate Contact Management Software Sales Manager
Match buyers and sellers within your own database based on property feature selections and prepare net sheets for sellers.  Calculate your commission, create dynamic CMA presentations and much more. Close on time every time. Track your sales every step of the way.
AgentOffice Real Estate Contact Management Software CMA Module
Create CMAs from various MLS systems. Download listings directly from your MLS and create impressive presentations for sellers.  Import information from your MLS Board using standard windows export/import protocols, or where your Board allows its members direct access to their RETS servers you can import with just a click.
AgentOffice Real Estate Contact Management Software E-Mail
In today's real estate market, easy access to the Internet and e-mail is a must.  Compose and send individual or group e-mails and each contact record records these as it does with word processing letters.  Integrates with your existing e-mail server.  Attach incoming to client files. 

Click right-hand menu to view your assistant's schedule and assign tasks.

On-screen tabs and drop down lists makes it fast and easy to plan and schedule all the activities associated with marketing, management and closing of any listing.  Most functions provide on-time entry of information which flows through to other modules and automatically updates related files.  Saves time and risk of duplication errors. Create a new contact, plan an activity, enter a listing or e-mail from anywhere in the program.  View and print activities by day, week or month with just a couple of clicks.  Drag and drop capabilities make it easy to schedule and reschedule activities.  Schedule for yourself or a team member - you can even schedule multiple activities for the same time period. 
Word Processing
The integrated word processor includes over 100 pre-written letters for virtually every need. Or customize them for a personal touch.
Check Book and Expense Register
Expanded in Version 8, the new expense module allows you to link your expenses to your listings, contacts and get detailed reports.